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The DigitalBits Blockchain

The DigitalBits blockchain is an open source blockchain infrastructure that allows developers to build in languages they already know, making it easy to use and integrate in everyday applications. The blockchain was originally forked from the Stellar protocol with key adjustments made to it and uses a consensus mechanism known as the Federated Byzatine Agreement(FBA). Read the whitepaper here.


API: Frontier - Most applications interact with the DigitalBits network through Frontier, a RESTful HTTP API server. Frontier gives you a straightforward way to submit transactions, check accounts, and subscribe to events. Because it’s just HTTP, you can communicate with Frontier using your web browser, simple command line tools like cURL, or the DigitalBits SDK for your favorite programming language. maintains JavaScript and Go-based SDKs for communicating with Frontier. There are also community-maintained SDKs for Ruby, Python and C#. Explore all the DigitalBits developer documentation.